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    Signing the informed consent document does not mean that you will be able to take part in this study. You will have "Screening tests" To help the doctor decide if you are eligible to take part in this study. The following tests and procedures will be performed. I have been on Champix for eight weeks, and gone seven weeks without a cigarette. I feel slight nausea if I have a Keep Reading. Smoking can be described as an addiction to nicotine and smokers only smoke cigarettes to get the nicotine available in cigarette. Though cigarette smoke is dangerous smokers are 'Conditioned' To enjoy smoking because of the nicotine buzz that comes with it. Nicotine of cigarettes establishes itself as a part of a smoker'S brain chemistry. Champix Quit Smoking pill interfere with the brain chemistry in smokers heads. Brain chemistry in smokers is different from that in non-smokers and that is why smokers are addicted. Varenicline content of Champix Quit Smoking pill attempts to block the receptors in the brain that trigger the cravings in the first place. CAMH Knowledge Exchange gives you quick access to the best available online information, tools and resources. As it evolves,KnowledgeX will also provide opportunities to collaborate and communicate with other addiction and mental health professionals.More about the site. "Quitting smoking is of paramount importance for all smokers, particularly those with a smoking-related illness, such as COPD," Said Dr. Donald Tashkin, study investigator, emeritus professor of medicine at University of California, Los Angeles. "This study shows that varenicline is an effective means of smoking cessation for a highly nicotine-dependent, difficult-to-treat group of patients. The safety profile of varenicline in this study was consistent with its pre-approval clinical trials."
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